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Great Items For The Geeky Guy

Great Items For The Geeky Guy

It's tough to search out the perfect gift for a geeky man, as you know. Geeks are very cutting edge; they read and analysis the entire new gadgets properly earlier than their launch dates, and geeky guys might even camp out for a day or two, so as to be the first to buy the latest gizmo.

So how do you buy presents for males who are geeks? The first step is to identify what kind of geek you might be buying for. See if your man fits in one of the following geek categories, and check the gift solutions for that category.

The Apple Geek

has a full blown man-crush on Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs.
gets each day updates from Apple on new merchandise which are underneath development.
can describe in painstaking detail all the convincing reasons that he wants every new Apple gadget.
In fact, at the moment's final gift for the Apple geek is a shiny new iPad. Sadly, the probabilities are good that your Apple geek already has an iPad, because they have been released in April 2010. If he does not have one, an iPad could be the perfect present, so head to the Apple retailer proper now. The initial rush is over, so you'll probably discover them in stock, and you will not should line up for one.

If you don't have the budget for an iPad, you may purchase him an iTunes gift card so he can get the latest tv shows, movies or songs for the Apple gadget he already has, like his iPhone or iPod. There are lots of iPad, iPhone and iPod accessories too, like a weatherproof case.

The Gadget Geek

might spend several days drooling over the latest Hammacher Schlemmer catalog.
knows what the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog is.
desires of being a global man of thriller
For the gadget geek, you may find the proper reward within the spy part of your native gadget store. These geeks love gadgets for one reason - it makes them really feel like James Bond. Don't struggle it. Embrace that super spy spirit, and buy your gadget geek something particularly spy-worthy, like a pen camcorder or a pop can disguised secure, to hold just a few of his valuable items.

If he'd slightly watch the spy motion than be concerned in it, buy him a James Bond DVD, or a riveting spy novel, like The Bourne Identity.

The Pc Geek

is on-line 22 hours per day
cannot breathe if Google goes down
has a computer with more power than his automobile
Any computer geek gifts will respect a new bag for his laptop computer, with relyless pockets, zippered compartments and side pouches. A laptop computer wrist relaxation or USB pc light are additionally great reward options. If he is the do-it-yourself kind, how about a computer instrument kit, so he could make minor repairs, when mandatory?